The dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has released three United States prisoners held in forced labor camps in the hermit kingdom. The Financial Times is citing a South Korean activist who regularly campaigns for the release of detainees held within North Korea.

President Trump included the release of any United States prisoners held within their borders as a part of the list of United States’ demands for North Korea to display sincerity running up to the summit between the two leaders.

Three citizens were released from detention: Kim Dong-chul, Kim Sang-duk, and Kim Hak-song. All three have been given treatment for their health as well as ideological education in Pyongyang, as reported by the Financial Times.

“We heard through our sources in North Korea late last month,” said Choi Sung-ryong. “We believe that Mr. Trump can take them back on the day of the US-North Korea summit or he can send an envoy to take them back to the U.S. before the summit,” concluded Choi Sung-ryong.

It is reported that newly confirmed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed the detainees with Kim Jon-un while the two secretly met over the Easter weekend. The White House recently released photos of then CIA Director, Mike Pompeo shaking hands with the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un.

Dong-a Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper, reported that the three detainees that have been released were likely coached to claim that human-rights abuses did not occur while they were in North Korea’s custody.

This latest revelation marks the latest win for the Trump Administration with regard to North Korea. President Trump has made strides in North Korea where previous American Presidents have cowed to brazen threats from the hermit kingdom. President Trump refused to cower in the face of Kim Jong-un and instead, threatened him with the similar rhetoric coupled with some of the most effectively enforced economic sanctions ever leveled against North Korea.

North Korea is now signaling their commitment to denuclearize, they have ceased missile testing, they are inviting international experts to witness the closing of their nuclear testing site, they have conceded their demands for the United States to withdraw troops from South Korea while remaining silent while the U.S. and South Korea conduct joint military exercises of the Korean coastline. This is what progress on the Korean peninsula looks like and it’s President Trump that is delivering.

A number of Congressional members have formally nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize as a result of the immense progress he has made with regard to North Korea. Luke Messer (R-IN) has sent a letter of nomination to the Nobel Prize Committee stating that President Trump is bringing peace to the Korean peninsula through his “peace through strength policies.” The letter nominating President Trump included signatures from 17 Republican members in total, no democrats were willing to give credit where credit is due. South Korean President Moon Jae-in also suggested that United States President Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for his actions in bringing North Korea to the negotiating table.

But do not be surprised if this does not make it onto the mainstream media’s news rotation as they have been largely ignoring the immense progress being made on the Korean peninsula. Sadly, the American media is laser focused on anything that damages the President and have decided to play-down anything that portrays Trump in a positive light.