President Donald Trump and Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT) have announced the release of Josh Holt and his wife Thamy Holt from the Venezuelan prison they have been held captive in for two years.

“I’m pleased to announce after two years of hard work, we’ve secured the release of Josh and Thamy Holt, who are now on their way home to the United States from Venezuela,” said Senator Hatch. “Over the last two years I’ve worked with two Presidential administrations, countless diplomatic contacts, ambassadors from all over the world, a network of contacts in Venezuela, and President Maduro himself, and I could not be more honored to be able to reunite Josh with his sweet, long-suffering family in Riverton,” said Utah Senator Orrin Hatch in a statement.

“I want to thank Chairman Bob Corker for his pivotal efforts, and that of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for their help in this effort,” continued Hatch. “I want to particularly thank Caleb McCarry, whose expertise and effort in Venezuela on my behalf has been instrumental in bringing Josh home,” closed Hatch’s statement.

President Trump issued his congratulation along his favorite social media platform, Twitter:

“Good news about the release of the American hostage from Venezuela. Should be landing in D.C. this evening and be in the White House with his family, at about 7:00 P.M. The great people of Utah will be very happy.”

-President Donald Trump

On June 11, 2016, Josh Holt traveled to Venezuela with hopes of marrying the woman he loves and bringing her and her two daughters back to the United Stated for his happily ever after.

That dream was cut short when they were detained by military intelligence officers and accused of terrorism, espionage, and illegal possession of weapons after officers allegedly planted a black bag containing two automatic rifles and a hand grenade in the apartment in which they were staying. According to a woman who was on the scene at the time they were detained, his real crime was being an American citizen, per the Miami Herald.

According to that same witness, she and four other individuals saw security forces plant the weapons inside their apartment in their efforts to frame the 24-year-old. “The only reason they have him is because he is a gringo,” said the woman who requested to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. “I don’t care what color his eyes are, what color his hair is, where his passport say he’s from – he’s innocent and his human rights are being violated,” she exclaimed.

Josh and Thamy Holt are now on their way home to finally begin their happily ever after. As per usual with the mainstream media, since this is a story that paints President Trump in a positive light it must be relocated to an area that does not interfere with their false narratives of the President being a buffoon with no diplomatic capabilities; regardless of President Trump making more diplomatic inroads than President Obama did at this point in his administration.

Let us be honest about the mainstream media. They feel obligated to trash anything that paints President Trump in a positive light. We could look at example after example and arrange a broad mosaic of contempt however, the reaction to the cancellation of the North Korea/U.S. summit illustrates a more fluorescent masterpiece of their hatred for President Trump. A hatred that leaves no room for considering the well-being of the American people nor the Korean people. Their hatred for Donald Trump is all that matters, not people, not the economy, and most certainly not safety. The mainstream media has truly become the epitome of intolerance.