Congressman Jim McGovern of Massachusetts sure likes to throw jabs at President Trump through his Twitter feed quite regularly. The Congressman recently tweeted about his outrage with regard to illegal immigrant families being separated at the Southern Border. He tweeted an image from the Daily News which had an image of a little girl crying with the caption, “We cannot let this be the face of America. @realDonaldTrump – please stop it now!”

If you take a stroll on Congressman McGovern’s own website,, you will come across his synopsis of a visit to the McAllen, Texas Immigration Processing Center in 2014, pictures included. Here is his description of the facilities in which the migrant children that were separated from their families during entry were held in 2014.

“I visited migrant shelters in both countries run by religious communities who provide basic services to these vulnerable migrants: a safe place to stay, meals, used clothing, basic medical services, showers, and caring and friendly faces.  I spent time with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers and agents and other front-line border personnel who safeguard our ports of entry and the length of the border in-between.  They deal with the whole range of border issues, including the recent increase in families and unaccompanied children from Central America.  I was incredibly impressed with their efficient, professional and compassionate performance of their duties.  Time and again they told me that our border has never been more secure than it is today.”

The conditions today have improved since 2014 when Congressman McGovern visited the facility and subsequently offered the above pleasantries, but that was when the center was under the control of the Obama Administration.

McGovern didn’t express any outrage when he visited the immigration centers when the President was Barack Obama, but now that Trump has taken office these policies are outrageous in some way. It didn’t bother him when he saw these children being separated from their parents with his own two eyes, actually he lauded the professionalism of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents.

The only differences between 2014 and now that facilities have improved and Donald Trump is now the President. Logic will lead one to realize that McGovern cares not for illegal immigrant families being separated at the border, he only cares about leveraging this issue in order to score political points on Donald Trump. Keep in mind, the policy causing liberal outrage was carried over from the Obama Administration.

Maybe, just maybe, the upset liberals protesting the situation at the Southern Border should be asking Democrat congressmen such as Mr. McGovern why he did absolutely nothing when he saw this treatment of illegal immigrant families back in 2014. In fact, he defended the treatment at these facilities.  “I was incredibly impressed with their efficient, professional and compassionate performance of their duties,” said Rep. McGovern with regard to CBP agents at immigration centers.

The selective outrage from liberals like Congressman Jim McGovern is growing more tired and repetitious with each tweet. McGovern could have addressed issue with the Obama Administration after he first set his eyes on illegal immigrant children being separated from their families, but he didn’t. McGovern had an ally in the White House with regard to Barack Obama, but the policy of separating children from adults when caught illegally crossing the southern border was never raised.

If these issues were raised by Democrats when President Obama was in office then they would have a strong case to be made to the current resident of the Oval Office. Sadly, they hold no credibility when it comes to this issue since they praised not only the policies that separated these children from their families, but the conditions in which they were housed. Thankfully, politicians such as Congressman McGovern like to spread their praise on congressional web pages which allowed us to use his own words and images to prove his selective outrage with regard to this sensitive issue.