Democrats have strived to be at the forefront of the #MeToo movement since it began. They have twisted themselves in pretzels in order to achieve the optics of being the only defenders of abused women while various members of their own party have attacked and maligned women in the name of tribal politics. With Democrats attempting to appear as the only party that serves as the defenders of women it’s astonishing that their South Carolina grassroots would nominate an admitted domestic abuser, yet that is precisely what they have done.

Democrats had the opportunity to choose between four candidates in the Democratic Primary for South Carolina’s Fifth District U.S. House of Representatives seat: Archie Parnell, Sidney Moore, Mark Ali, and Steve Lough.

Despite late revelations that surfaced in the form of court records alleging egregious domestic abuse, democratic voters decided to nominate Archie Parnell to face-off against Republican incumbent U.S. Representative Ralph Norman in November.

According to court documents from October of 1973, Parnell, as a student of the University of South Carolina, broke down his wife’s door with a tire iron and commenced to beat her repeatedly. He would beat her again later that night. The publication of the court documents in the closing weeks of the campaign forced many of Parnell’s staff to walk-out which prompted calls for him to drop out of the race.

Kathleen Parnell, the victim of Archie Parnell’s alleged domestic abuse, subsequently filed for divorce coupled with a restraining order stating that she feared for her life following the attacks.

Archie Parnell’s campaign manager, Yates Baroody, abruptly quit upon learning about the details outlined in court documents filed in the Parnell’s divorce proceedings.

“As soon as I discovered them, I immediately resigned from the campaign and advised Archie he should withdraw from the campaign immediately,” said Baroody. “He has no business running for Congress and he never did,” exclaimed Baroody.

Tray Roberson, Chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, also called on Parnell to withdraw from the race, claiming that his actions “though long ago, directly contradict the values of the Democratic Party.”

Regardless of the credible accusations leveled against him, South Carolina Democrats decided to make Parnell their champion thus propelling him to win the nomination with roughly 60% of the vote. It was a blowout in favor of the alleged domestic abuser.

An amazing aspect of South Carolina democrats choosing Archie Parnell to face-off against Ralph Norman in November is that Ralph Norman already beat Parnell for the same seat in 2017, and that was before credible accusations of domestic abuse. Welcome to the 2018 Democratic Party!

Mick Mulvaney was once the U.S. Representative for South Carolina’s Fifth District. Mulvaney vacated the seat in 2017 after President Donald Trump nominated him for his cabinet in which he is now serves as Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Mulvaney’s decision to vacate his seat allowed for a special election in South Carolina’s Fifth District. That election was between Republican Ralph Norman and Democrat Archie Parnell, minus the credible accusations of domestic abuse of course.

Archie Parnell lost the 2017 special election by 3.2 percentage points. We can only assume the margin will be much wider in the 2018 midterms since Parnell will be campaigning with the black eye of domestic abuse allegations, none of which he has denied.

Time is of the essence and Ralph Norman is sure to have aids scouring the state in search of more dirt that can be traced back to Archie Parnell’s abusive hands. The run up to midterms are certainly starting to heat up as Democrats start to realize their blue wave is beginning to morph into a red tsunami.