David Hogg is set to re-ignite the ratings for Laura Ingraham’s show, The Ingraham Angle, as he calls for yet another boycott on her advertisers. Gun control activist David Hogg has decided to wade his way into the immigration debate and has decided to take issue with comments made by Laura Ingraham on Monday night’s episode of The Ingraham Angle.

What were the dastardly comments that she made, you ask? Ingraham stated that these illegally smuggled children are being “temporarily housed in what are essentially summer camps.” The online insanity ensued and spiraled out of control, but surely that will land a win in Laura’s column if we can judge by past boycotts that have been called for by David Hogg.

David Hogg Tweeted the following tweet at 4:25 IN THE MORNING:

“So @IngrahamAngle we meet again. Who are you biggest advertisers now?”

Liberal columnist Grant Stern tweeted the following message from his Twitter account:

“If you thought advertisers should #BoycottIngraham for insulting mass murder survivor @davidhogg111, then there’s no question, it’s time to bring back the boycott for this. Laura Ingraham should leave TV and send her kids to #TrumpConcentrationCamps is she loves them so much.

It was particularly low for Grant Stern to attack the defenseless children of Laura Ingraham, but spitting on the victims of the Holocaust is inexcusable. Comparing immigration processing centers to Nazi concentration camps is, in the words of liberal Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, a form of Holocaust denial.  Let us be very clear here, not a single person has been killed for his or her religious beliefs in ANY immigration processing center under the current Administration, which should go to show how off-base and out-of-touch Grant Stern truly is.

Let us review what happened last time David Hogg and company called for a boycott on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show, which airs on weekdays at 10:00 pm e.s.t., The Ingraham Angle.

On March 29, 2018, David Hogg launched a boycott against Laura Ingraham for antagonizing him for being rejected by numerous colleges following his nationwide attacks on the Second Amendment and the United States Constitution in general. Laura Ingraham would later apologize for her comments but that did not stop Hogg from attacking her advertisers, as he regularly embraces bully tactics against those who dare disagree with his point of views.

The boycott did succeed in getting a number of advertisers to pull their ads from The Ingraham Angle however, those companies later regretted the knee-jerk reaction to Hogg’s bully tactics as Ingraham ratings skyrocketed immediately. More people decided to tune into The Ingraham Angle following the Hogg endorsed boycott resulting in a 16% increase in ratings. Those numbers have remained strong since the March 29 call to boycott The Ingraham Angle which displays Hogg succeeded only in getting more people to watch Laura Ingraham’s show. The backfire acted as a strong rebuke to the bully tactics that David Hogg employs in order to shame those he disagrees with.

Hogg has also launched attacks on the NRA which resulted in the nation’s top organization for gun safety to see their donations triple and their membership numbers to increase at rate never seen before. It seems that every time David Hogg calls for a boycott, he only succeeds in strengthening the targets of his attacks.

Since David Hogg regards himself as a “gun control activist” maybe he should stick to the issue that he initially attempted to shame people with, gun control. If there is another issue that David Hogg should attempt address it is the bully culture that he and his friend Emma Gonzalez seemed to have fully embraced, as they have apparently given up on self-awareness.

We can be sure that Laura Ingraham will, again, receive a boost in ratings which will result in increased ad revenue for the network. Laura Ingraham is correct in her statements regarding immigration processing center and the facts are most certainly on her side. Not many internment camps allow for television, video games, healthy food, sleeping arrangements, medical treatment and interaction with other children. Sounds like a step up for a child that is supposedly fleeing their downtrodden country for asylum in the United States. After all, aren’t they coming from third world-hell holes that don’t have these amenities?