It appears there will be numerous landscaping jobs that will be opening up in the Sandusky and Castalia areas of Ohio after Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) carried out a raid on a landscaping company which netted over 100 illegal aliens.

The raid was carried out on Tuesday and took place in two locations of which the landscaping company, Corso’s Flower & Garden Center, operated in. One location was the in the Lake Erie city of Sandusky and the other was in Castalia, 8 miles southwest of Sandusky.

ICE agents arrested 114 illegal immigrants in total coupled with the seizure of numerous “business documents at both locations,” said ICE spokesman Khaalid Walls, as reported by the Daily Caller.

ICE agents stated that Corso’s Flower & Garden Center have not had charges files against them as of yet however, they do remain under investigation for both immigration and identity fraud. Agents are “pursuing allegations” of harboring illegal aliens, unlawful employment of illegal aliens, aggravated identity theft as well as other possible identity fraud crimes, said Walls.

The raid comes as part of the Trump Administration’s efforts to crack down on companies that hire illegal aliens and/or foreign nationals without filing the proper work authorizations. The Acting Director of ICE, Thomas Homan, stated in 2017 that he would prioritize worksite enforcement investigations. Since making that statement the agency has carried out numerous high-profile operations on several companies. This past January ICE carried out a nationwide audit of 7-Eleven stores which resulted in the capture of 21 people.

This past April ICE carried out a raid on a slaughterhouse in Tennessee, ultimately netting nearly 100 people in what has been labeled the state’s largest worksite enforcement operation in history. Many of those who were detained in the raid were found to be in the country illegally and referred for further immigrations proceedings however, the owners of the slaughterhouse have yet to be charged with any crimes as of yet. This case is also thought to involve a complicated tax evasion scheme.

The investigation into Corso’s Flower and Garden Center began in 2017 after border agents arrested a woman who was providing false identifications documents to illegal aliens who wanted to apply for various jobs, as reported by the AP. Through utilizing the information gathered from the arrest, authorities were able to trace records back to Corso’s Flower and Garden Center. Corso’s was found to have numerous employment irregularities within their business records.

Out of Corso’s 313 employment records examined by ICE, 123 were found to be suspicious, according to Steve Francis of ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations unit. Those employees with suspect files are now being targeted for criminal charges which are to include identity theft and tax evasion.

“We verified that a lot of U.S. persons were obviously unaware of this.” It’s caused them a lot of hardship, Francis told the AP. “It’s not one that we’re looking for strictly as a worksite immigrations raid,” says Francis.

Highlighting this ICE raid rebuts the argument by those whom argue that illegal immigrants only come to America to do the jobs Americans don’t want. These landscaping jobs were allegedly taken with false identities and false papers, which means they were not paid a sweatshop wages. Instead, they are paid a decent wage which millions of Americans are in dire need for. This makes millions of unemployed Americans the victims of illegal immigration. How can Democrats argue they are for the American the worker when they are allowing good jobs to be filled by illegal immigrants? The two arguments counter each other. One cannot allow illegal aliens to continue to invade the United States to take American jobs while claiming they want to help the American working class. That would be akin to arguing for gun control to save children at school while arguing in favor of abortion which kills children in the womb, then again that is precisely what the political left does. And still they persist.

We can only hope that Corso’s Flower & Garden Center will seek to replace those who were swept up in the immigration raids with American workers. Americans who are in dire need for good paying work and have otherwise been left out of the job market as a result of the saturation of illegal immigrants in the workforce.

The more immigration raids on companies that break federal laws in employing illegal aliens, the better it is for the overall economy and for Americans in general. The United States government has an obligation to look after American citizens first and foremost. It’s about time that we get those who have undercut millions of unemployed Americans out of the country so their government can carry out their obligations to their citizens. The countries from which these illegal aliens are coming from surely receive financial aid from the United States in one form or another, there is no need to support their citizens as well. Especially those who break American immigration laws in order to undercut American workers in the job market.