MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle was reporting on the Trump rally in Minnesota when she felt compelled to examine what Trump supporters were saying with regard to the current immigration debate, as first reported by The Daily Caller.

MSNBC spoke to some of the Trump supporters that were attending the event and attempted to get their thoughts on the separation of children from their parents after the parent had committed a crime.

“When a person goes, robs a bank, he gets separated from his family anyways,” said one supporter. “Same as people coming into this country. I’m an immigrant myself. I came here in 2000 and when we immigrated we came here legally,” said another supporter. A mustachioed Trump supporter weighed in with his thoughts as well, “If I get arrested my kids aren’t going to see me for a while either.”

The camera cut back to a bewildered Stephanie Ruhle. “What in the world are they talking about,” Ruhle asked.

“First of all, they’re not trying to cross illegally. It’s a bottleneck at the ports of entry and they can’t get in. And when they do cross the Rio Grande, they turn themselves in. They look for a border agent. This is misinformation and it’s obscene that we are doing this to our own American people,” exclaimed Ruhle.

Let us clear up correct the fake news report of MSNBC. They ARE coming in illegally. Just because there is a bottleneck at the ports of entry does NOT give anyone the right to cross United States border illegally, which is precisely what they are doing when they cross the Rio Grande. MSNBC is stating that if there is a long line at the port of entry, then it should be okay to break the law and just cross into the United States without permission.

Lastly, Ruhle stated that “it’s obscene that we are doing this to our own American people.”

The people getting caught illegally crossing the southern border are NOT Americans nor should they be referred to in such a way. Apparently Stephanie Ruhle believes that anyone trying to get into the United States, be it legally or illegally, are considered Americans. THIS is why Trump supporters refer to MSNBC and other networks that traffic in outright lies as “fake news.” Because that is precisely what they are reporting to their viewers, fake news.

See the video at the Daily Caller,