According to a new Rasmussen poll conducted between June 19 and June 20, the American people overwhelmingly stand with President Trump with regard to the immigration issue. Furthermore, the vast majority of the American people blame the parents of these children for their separations, not the government.

Watching the mainstream media, one would assume that President Trump was outnumbered and had to alleviate the political firestorm culminating from the child crisis at the southern border. Once again, polling data shows that the American mainstream media is far-removed from the American mainstream voter.

The latest poll from Rasmussen shows that 54% of likely voters believe that the parents are more to blame for the separation as a result of breaking the law, only 34% blame the U.S. government.

The poll also asked participants whether or not they agree with President Trump when he stated, “The United States will not be a migrant camp. And it will not be a refugee-holiday-facility – it won’t be.” 54% agree with President Trump’s statement while only 30% disagreed, leaving 16% undecided.

Here is the link to the Rasmussen poll discussed above: