When you walk into an adult correctional facility in the United States you will not see any children however, many of the inmates are indeed parents. Parents that were separated from their children as a result of their decision to break American laws. At a time when so many liberals are clamoring about equality, it’s very revealing that they are upset about illegal immigrants who are separated from their children as a result of their decision to break American laws but have overlooked the AMERICANS that have the same done to them in the same exact scenario. You would think if they truly cared about equality, this would be a notch in the win column, right? #Equality… WRONG!

According to a 2015 study conducted by Child Trends, a Maryland-based research center, one in 14 American children have a parent who has spent time in prison or is currently incarcerated. These children had to deal with the decisions of their parents and in no way are they at fault for what their parents did, but they still suffered from it. It’s a difficult fact of life and there is no easy way to navigate the emotional struggle that will ensue once the separation becomes real. It’s a matter of circumstance and one can only hope that the parent will reform so they can do what is best of the child going forward.

Breaking the law in the presence of your child is a very good way to get separated from your child here in America, yet Democrats are arguing that it is wrong for that to happen for people who are caught illegally crossing the southern border. Well, it’s not. But why aren’t they expressing the same concerns for the hundreds of thousands Americans that receive the same treatment?

You see, in order for the Democrats to make any more headway with regard to their strategy of identity politics they must make people believe President Donald Trump is a racist. Which, of course, any objective observer would come to the conclusion that he is not however, we are not dealing with objective observers here. We are talking about power hungry liberals who are incensed with the American people for electing Donald Trump and they are enraged at the immense success of his presidency.

Let us remind everyone how this controversy started. Barack Obama’s speech writer Jon Favreau tweeted out images of the Nogales, Arizona immigration processing center which appeared to show immigrant children in cages. It turns out that those pictures were taken in 2014 under the Obama Administration, I guess Mr. Favreau still had the image on his phone from his own 2014 tour of the facility and tried to pass it off as an action under President Trump. He was outed by many fact checkers and subsequently tucked his tale between his legs and deleted the tweet from his Twitter feed since he was caught being outright liar.

But the fake news had already infiltrated the brains of angry liberals throughout America and they didn’t care if they were duped by their media overlords. The purveyors of fake news pushed these photos in a way that even duped Senator Jeff Markley (D-OR) who decided to pay a surprise visit to the immigration processing center in Brownsville, Texas. He claimed that he was turned away and was told that Health and Human Services (HHS) has a policy of not allowing anybody to visit immigrations centers for children. This claim was fact checked by the Liberal Washington Post and summarily awarded Three Pinocchios, meaning he was lying.

The fake news’ images even duped some angry liberals to publicly protest the conditions at immigration processing centers however, they are acting as if President Trump enacted these policies. That couldn’t be further from the truth. These are policies that were enacted through Congress under President Bill Clinton and they are absolutely necessary in order to properly process the invasion at the border. So necessary, that President Bush followed the same policies, as did Barack Obama and so goes the cycle, so does President Trump.

So once again we find ourselves in a situation where Democrats are arguing for illegal immigrants to be treated in a superior way than the citizens of the United States; when illegal immigrants break laws don’t separate them from their children, but if Americans break laws it’s okay to separate them from their children. Let’s be clear here, separating children from a parent heading to a detention center is absolutely necessary for both American citizens and illegal immigrants. Because that is what is best for the child in the vast majority of these cases. If someone has been found to have broken the law, their punishments cannot be negated because they have a child. That would be ridiculous for obvious reasons.

Democrats are out of their depth and hardly realize that voters are taking notice to this, which is why the only people that are listening to their calls for protest are the tinfoil-hat crowd. Once again, Democrats prioritize illegal immigrants over the American citizens that make-up their constituencies; ignore the voters to provide sanctuary to those in the country illegally. Sanctuary from the law, from punishments, from hardship, from responsibility, all of which the legal citizens get to pay for.

American values are ingrained in our laws. This is why we elect our representatives. So they can go to Washington and argue on behalf of their constituent’s values. If those values are shared throughout the country then Congress, as a unified body, will pass legislation that ensures those values are preserved and respected. After that legislation is passed through both the House of Representatives and the Senate, it will be sent to the President’s desk to be signed and enacted into law.

If any elected officials believe that their constituent’s values have evolved or changed in some way, they have the opportunity to argue for a change to the country’s laws and to bring new legislation to the floor in order to be voted on. If the majority of Congress agrees to the changes on behalf of their constituents then it will be passed through both chambers and land on the President’s desk to be signed into law.

The legislative process is how American values are represented. If those values have changed then the laws would have also changed. As it stands right now, separating children from a parent who committed a crime is most certainly part of American values, as hundreds of thousands of Americans endure the same treatment every year.

Look at Paul Manafort, for example. He was just separated from his family and he was not deemed a threat to society nor a flight risk. He was jailed without a trial and has yet to be convicted of anything but we don’t hear a peep coming from a single Democrat about how he was separated from his family. The double standards are alive and well and are more prevalent the ever, only this time the vast majority of American are taking notice and Democrats will pay at the ballot box in November.

This has been happening to American citizens for years but Democrats only choose to take issue with the laws since it breaks up illegal immigrant families, they forgot about American families. A troubling trend is certainly starting to bleed over from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and seems to be infecting the party as a whole; if you are an American citizen you come last, if you disagree you are racist. The accusation of racism has been weaponized by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party in order to get people to acquiesce to their demands that masquerade as “values.”

We have already seen Democrats go from a double digit lead in the generic ballot to Republicans taking the lead in just a few months. Immigration is most certainly one of the prevailing reasons why democrats are losing ground and it appears as if they need the entire floor to drop-out from under them in order to come to a rational policy measure to deal with illegal immigration. If you thought liberals screaming at the sky was ridiculous after the 2016 Presidential election, just wait till they get trounced in the 2018 midterms.