The U.K.’s socialist Healthcare system says that Baby Oliver must “die with dignity.”

Wait, what is that? Is that a bird? A plane? No, it’s America’s Capitalist Healthcare System!

♫Capitalism to save the daaaaay♫

Or Baby Oliver, in this case.

Oliver Cameron, also known as Baby Oliver, was born in the United Kingdom with a large, non-cancerous tumor in his heart called, cardiac fibroma. The condition is exceedingly rare. So rare that the doctors in the U.K. had no idea how to treat the condition, as reported by Live Action News.

“They couldn’t treat the tumor in the U.K. because they didn’t have the doctors with the right expertise,” said Oliver’s mother, Lydia Cameron. “They said our only options was a heart transplant, but we thought there must be another route, so we started doing our own research.”

The Cameron family wanted to avoid opting for the heart transplant for a simple reason. Under socialized healthcare, it is common for the patient to die awaiting a rare operation such as an infant heart transplant. Operation waiting lists and donor waiting lists commonly act as a death sentence under socialized healthcare systems throughout the world.

The research they conducted led them to Boston Children’s Hospital. They found that the doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital were recently able to successfully treat cardiac fibroma in a little girl named Francesca, by removing the entire tumor. Boston Children’s Hospital posted Francesca’s story on their Facebook page the day Baby Oliver was born, Oliver’s mother took that as a sign.

Oliver’s mother took to calling the doctors who conducted the successful operation on Francesca at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Pedro del Nido and Dr. Tal Geva. She forwarded Oliver’s medical records to Boston Children’s Hospital and they responded, telling Lydia that Oliver would be a great candidate for the surgery.

The U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS), a socialized form of healthcare used by the U.K., stated they would not pay for Oliver’s surgery nor would they offer to pay for transport to Boston Children’s Hospital. The Cameron family began their own fundraising campaign in order to raise the money for the surgery and the transportation costs to Boston Children’s Hospital.

After a relentless barrage of negative press and calls from concerned citizens, the NHS finally relented. They agreed to, not only allow Baby Oliver to be discharged from the NHS hospital for treatment in the United States, but they also offered to pay for the surgery.

NHS decided to send two cardiologists to Boston with Oliver in order to learn more about cardiac fibroma and the manner in which it is treated. Oliver underwent an eight-hour surgery in November of 2017. The surgery went much better than expected, as doctors did suggest removing the entire tumor may not be a possibility.

“Dr. del Nido warned us that they may not be able to remove the entire tumor because it was so large, but he would remove as much as possible,” explained Oliver’s mother, Lydia. “So when they told us he had removed all of it, we were so happy we just burst into tears.”

The doctors claimed the tumor was one of the largest they had ever seen.

Oliver continued to surprise doctors through his extremely rapid recovery and was able to go back home to the U.K. by Christmas 2017. “This experience has shown us how much good there is in the world,” said Lydia. “So many people supported us along the way, from near and far. And without Dr. Geva and Dr. del Nido, we would have lost Oliver. Miracles do happen, and we are grateful to be celebrating ours.”

The Camerons were extremely lucky to have been able to bring Oliver to the United States for treatment. There have been many other children in the U.K. that could have benefited from treatment in the United States or elsewhere however, the NHS demanded that they “die with dignity” since the NHS doctors believed the procedure would not work, even though more experienced physicians around the world declared otherwise.

The case of Charlie Gard, Alfie Evans, and Aysha King are all prime examples of how parents were denied the right to treat their child outside of the U.K.’s NHS. In all of these cases we saw the NHS strip parents of their right to make decisions that could have saved their child’s life, and U.K. courts upheld the NHS’ decisions. The NHS demanded that these children, “die with dignity” while refusing the parents the opportunity to try another promising treatment elsewhere. A treatment that could have very well saved these children’s lives.

We can only hope that these doctors who traveled to Boston from the U.K with Baby Oliver, not only learned about how to treat cardiac fibroma, but also learned that a capitalist healthcare system is a more effective way to treat patients. At least in the capitalist system, we do all we can to save a child’s life. Sadly, we cannot say the same about the socialist healthcare system, such as the U.K.’s National Health Service.


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