On Thursday, FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok attempted to justify his politically charged messages which have eluded to his political bias steering the Trump/Russia probe, and possibly aspects of the Hillary Clinton probe that dealt with e-mails found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner. Throughout the entire testimony Peter Strzok exhibited deception, arrogance, and political bias.

The deception was exceptionally easy to point out with regard to the text message in which Strzok claimed, “we’ll stop” Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States. Under a line of questioning from House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) surrounding the infamous “stop Trump” text, Agent Strzok stated, “I don’t recall writing that text. What I can tell you is that text in no way suggested that I or the FBI would take any action to influence candidacy.”

Later, in the same line of questioning, Strzok magically did recall writing the text message stating, “That text was written late at night, in shorthand.” This alone demands a criminal perjury referral be handed to the DOJ for consideration of prosecution. He initially claimed not to remember writing the text message, then later in his testimony he gives details of the message which shows that he most certainly does remember writing the message. He just refused to tell the American people the meaning behind it.

The arrogance of Agent Strzok was palpable from the start. Many times throughout questioning Strzok sat with a joker-like grin on his face as if he believed he was better than the average Virginian Trump supporter, which he referred to as “hillbillies” while messaging his paramour Lisa Page. Strzok conveniently refused to answer any questions surrounding the initiation of the Trump/Russia probe at the behest of FBI counsel, which garnered threats of contempt of Congress from the panel. Still, Strzok maintained his stonewall.

Peter Strzok had the audacity to claim his messages “do not reflect political bias.” Below is the definition of the word, “bias,” from the Oxford dictionary.

Bias – Inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair.

Rep. Trey Gowdy stated that in August of 2016, within one week of opening the Russia probe, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok exchanged messages, including “F-Trump,” as well as Strzok claiming, “I can protect our country on so many levels.”

“We’re not even a week into an investigation that you originated, approved, were the contact for, you hadn’t interviewed a single solitary soul until August 11th, and you’re already promising to protect the country from that menace Donald Trump,” said Rep. Gowdy. Point, set, match. Peter Strzok displayed a textbook definition of political bias and he refuses to acknowledge. It’s similar to your child having powdered sugar on their face while denying they ate any powdered donuts.

Strzok was asking people to believe his absence of recollection over what Americans can plainly see with their own two eyes as political bias.

And the political bias was on full display for the entire country to see. Peter Strzok was combative and argumentative with every Republican on the panel while he was kind and polite with every Democrat on the panel. Democrats aimed to prop-up Strzok as a victim of Republican efforts to discredit the Mueller probe. However, the Democrats’ line of questioning revealed disinterest in the anti-Trump texts which eludes to a more troubling mentality infesting the Democratic Party regarding politically sensitive investigations; the end justifies the means.

Democrats showed no interest in finding out Agent Strzok’s intentions behind his anti-Trump messaging nor did they show a desire for legitimizing a counterintelligence investigation that seems to have been initiated on the basis of political animus towards Donald Trump. In fact, Democrats applauded Agent Strzok after he accused his critics of trying to discredit the Mueller probe and the FBI in general.

Let this sink in for a minute. Democrats applauded an FBI agent that was fired from a special counsel as a result of allowing political bias infect his work, demoted to human resources, and eventually escorted off the grounds of FBI Headquarters. How is Agent Strzok worthy of applause again? Oh yes, because he hates Donald Trump.

In his opening statement, Agent Strzok attempted to point towards “evidence” that he was not motivated by a political bias. Special Agent Strzok’s “evidence” surrounded his alleged decision not to leak the existence of a counterintelligence investigation being conducted around the Trump campaign to the media.

In essence, Strzok is claiming that his decision not to commit a felony serves as “evidence” of his “unbiased” work at the FBI. Needless to say, this does not amount to anything resembling “evidence.” In fact, it suggests that Agent Strzok is a careful political operator within the FBI and that any politically charged investigation he has ever touched should be thoroughly examined.

If Strzok was found to have leaked information, then his exit would have intersected with the firing of disgraced Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and he would currently be facing a criminal referral.

Peter Strzok revealed himself to be as divisive as any political figure in our time. He is no better, and is possibly more deceitful, than many of the individuals he has investigated throughout his career at the FBI. Sadly, it seems that Strzok’s testimony on Thursday has set the FBI back even further than before his public appearance. Many Americans were hoping to get answers to the questions surrounding Strzok’s blatant political bias as to restore credibility to the embattled FBI however, that opportunity was squandered. Leaving the American people tightly huddled in the same political corners they were prior to the public testimony of FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok.