U.S. District Court Judge Dana Sabraw, the Federal Judge overseeing the family reunification process, has announced that the government has officially met the court mandated deadline to reunify all eligible families that were separated as a result of the parents’ decisions to violate United States border laws.

The judge “praised” the Trump Administration’s ability to meet “strict deadlines” for reuniting all eligible children, as reported by the Washington Times.

There are several hundred parents that were deemed “lost,” as they were not held in custody pending their asylum hearings. These “lost” parents have refused to reveal their family’s separation to the U.S. government. As a result, these parents will need to be tracked down in order to make an attempt at reunify them as well.

Judge Sabraw did not blame the Border Patrol for failing to reunite these families however, he did reiterate that the government must make every effort to find these parents that did not come forward willingly.

“The government can only reunify families over which it has control. And it has control over the families, the parents and the children, in its custody,” said Judge Sabraw.

There are also around 100 “voluntary separations” in which the parent is facing deportation though, they have opted for their children to navigate the asylum process, regardless. These voluntary separations must be adjudicated in the weeks ahead and the children in question will remain in federal custody until a solution is negotiated.

There were around 1,800 families who were seeking asylum that were affected by the family separations, in one form or another. Out of the 1,800 families, 1,000 will be deported however, they will be deported as a family.

With all of the moral haranguing from Democrats and the mainstream media, one would think that this would be headline news. The children have been reunited with their parents, so CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC should all be throwing celebration parties today, right? Wrong! WRONG!

The vast majority of mainstream media outlets are avoiding the fact that the Trump Administration met the stringent deadlines imposed by the court. Deadlines that we know Democrats were hoping the Trump Administration would not meet. So, instead of reporting the story, they gloss over it. As if the family separation was never a real issue to them. Because it never was. It was all posturing and moral shaming in order to sway public opinion.

The leftist media outlets who are reporting the story are claiming the Trump Administration did NOT meet the court imposed deadline. They have resorted to blatant lies that fly in the face of what Judge Dana Sabraw has announced, that the government DID reunite all eligible families within the time frame mandated by the court.

As an example, we can take a look at a Lansing, Michigan local news outlet, WLNS, who ran the headline: Government Misses Family Reunification Deadline, Local Leaders Speak Out.

The headline alone is an outright lie, except for “local leaders” speaking out. The entire piece operates under the assumption that the Trump Administration missed the court mandated deadline to reunify families however, the Federal Judge that issued the deadline has already announced the reunification process “has been completed.”

There is not a single mention anywhere in the piece that gives the slightest suggestion that the deadline was met. In fact, the piece opens up by stating the government missed the deadline. It’s as if the writer lives in al alter reality, devoid of facts that hurt the political narrative she wishes for.

The piece even seems to vilify the fact that the Trump Administration did not want to reunite some families for safety reasons, many in which the person claiming to be a “parent” can’t be verified. This is a direct attempt to avert human trafficking though, the piece makes no mention of that either.

The Trump Administration clearly sees no benefit from taking a page from the Obama Administration’s playbook and ultimately having thousands children end up in the hands of human traffickers, as exemplified from this 2016 Washington Post report. The safety of the children should be the first priority, even taking precedent over reunification.

News Procession did reach out to Dana Whyte, the author and journalist that posted the story to WLSN.com however, she refused to respond with her reasoning behind the headline. One can only hope when WLSN decides to archive her story, they will file it under “fiction.”


*News Procession reached out to both WLNS and the author, Dana Whyte. Neither have chosen to respond to our request for comment. As of Monday, July 30, 2018 @ 6:25 pm, the erroneous headline and the misleading content had yet to be corrected. 


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