On July 17, a 43-year-old Sioux Falls, South Dakota man, identified as Mark Einerwold, was arrested after detectives discovered a stash of bomb-making materials, stolen firearms, and AntiFa propaganda after carrying out a search warrant on the man’s residence.

South Dakota authorities became aware of the arsenal through an investigation regarding a string of burglaries stretching from Tea to Dell Rapids, South Dakota. Authorities suspected Mark Einerwold as the burglar responsible for the string of thievery and obtained a warrant to search his Sioux Falls apartment. Along with corroborating their suspicions of Einerwold as the burglar in question, they were also able to locate a bomb factory inside the man’s residence.

Within the suburban apartment authorities found a number of explosive devices along with ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, both of which are exclusively used in constructing bombs. Police also recovered a manifesto that suggested Einerwold was an anti-government activist alongside a jacket that linked him to AntiFa. The cache didn’t stop there, authorities also found many stolen firearms, homemade silencers, and anti-police propaganda associated with the domestic terror group, AntiFa.

In fact, it was not only anti-police propaganda, but anti-first responder propaganda. Authorities stated that the materials seized revealed an insatiable disdain for, not only law enforcement, but firefighters as well.

Arrested: AntiFa Member, Mark Einerwold

United States security officials deemed the left-wing group, AntiFa, as “domestic terrorists” back in 2017. Confidential intelligence reports from DHS and the FBI labeled AntiFa as “anarchist extremists” due to their attacks on police, government, political institutions, and any other symbol of the “capitalist system.” Per The Independent, the documents described AntiFa’s activities as “domestic terrorist violence.”

The name “AntiFa” is in relation to the word, “antifascist” though, the name is rather hypocritical as it pertains to their actions and overall ideology. In general, fascism refers to extreme authoritarian, oppressive, or intolerant views or practices. This is precisely how AntiFa operates.

AntiFa does not tolerate any ideology other than the extremist views they adopt from the political left, many of which openly incorporate Socialism. AntiFa will typically show up at a rally with black masks covering their faces to champion the latest extremist views from the political left, albeit with bats, batons, pepper spray, urine balloons, and just about anything else they can fashion into a weapon. In the United States, AntiFa is a group that uses violence in order to foment political change, which is precisely what a “domestic terrorist” group is defined to be.

In September of 2017, Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire was set to give a speech at UC Berkley. Ben Shapiro is anything but a fascist and those whom attempt to liken him to one are intellectually challenged to the point of abject ignorance, enter AntiFa.

The AntiFa protest was highly reported and expected however, the undercover video which revealed their violent intentions for those whom opposed the domestic terror group was seismic.

In the video, AntiFa members can be seen and heard discussing firearms they brought to the event and where to get access to them if “sh*t hits the fan.” One individual can be heard claiming that he has a “sawed-off style shotgun” on the passenger seat of his “blue Subaru with a dent on the side.” In another scene, an AntiFa member is seen handing an ice pick to the individual who was secretly recording the interactions. That weapon was subsequently handed off to the police after the individual recording the video alerted authorities to AntiFa’s intentions. Credit to Steven Crowder of the Daily Wire for filming the undercover video which lead to the arrest of these domestic terrorists.

The media has largely ignored negative AntiFa stories and, in their minds, for good reason. Many in the mainstream media identify themselves as friendly towards the leftist ideology that AntiFa adopts. By reporting negatively on AntiFa, mainstream media outlets believe they would be acting against their own self-interest. As a result, they downplay the AntiFa threat which the Department of Homeland Security has deemed “domestic terrorism.”

Democrats don’t dare criticize AntiFa since they conceived much of the ideology that AntiFa violently supports and they vie for AntiFa votes come election time. At a time when Democrats are steadily trying to import more voters, they clearly cannot spare a single vote.

AntiFa is viewed as the militant arm of liberal extremist ideology, similar to how the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) acted as the militant arm of the Democratic Party well into the early 1900’s.

AntiFa has failed to force the political changes their violence was meant to catalyze. They are demoralized and debased. The success of the Trump presidency most certainly has them feeling cornered and without purpose. This is a recipe for disaster and demands that the American intelligence apparatus pay close attention to domestic terror groups like AntiFa, regardless of the ideology they support.

The most important aspect of getting our political discourse back to a state of decency, if it ever has been, is to report the stories about groups who aim to use violence to force political change. Not just in regards of public safety, but these are the groups people need to steer away from for fear of real legal ramifications. The general public should have warning lights flashing in their heads at the sight of a domestic terror group like AntiFa however, failing to report on their misdeeds does nothing to assist the public. Failing to report on these stories prevents the public from acknowledging a credible threat.

Everyone, including AntiFa, should be able to peacefully support or protest whomever or whatever they like without the fear of a mob, dawned in black face-masks, to come down an adjacent street looking to beat them with lead pipes and bombing them with urine balloons. We can only hope that the mainstream media will begin to realize that their attention to public safety trumps their personal political biases, but please don’t hold your breath, for you may not make it down for breakfast tomorrow if you do.

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