As Democrats continue to call for the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), we are again reminded of the absolute importance and the immense role ICE plays in keeping the United States safe. Their importance was not only underscored on Monday at the White House Salute to Heroes ceremony, which honored the men and women of ICE and Customs and Border Protections, but also by the fruits of their hard work.

Last week, legacy media outlets around the country were thrown into outrage after reports surfaced regarding an illegal immigrant, Joel Arrona-Lara, who was detained by federal authorities while driving his pregnant wife to the hospital to give birth. Many media outlets attempted to frame the story as if Arrona-Lara’s wife was in labor and that Arrona-Lara was driving when he was detained however, the two were on their way to a scheduled caesarean section and the wife was driving herself to the appointment. Joel Arrona-Lara was merely a passenger. Arrona-Lara’s wife was able to make her appointment and the caesarean section was a success.

In an attempt to draw public outcry, media outlets willingly ignored the fact that Joel Arrona-Lara is wanted on an international murder warrant for beating a man to death in Mexico in 2006. Instead of reporting the facts surrounding the arrest, media outlets attempted to get the public to sympathize with a man wanted in Mexico for homicide.

The murder warrant, which has been confirmed by Mexican authorities, lists many details about Arrona-Lara, including his photo, wife’s name, and parent’s names. A 2014 press release from the Attorney General’s office in Guanajuato, Mexico stated that an arrest warrant has been issued for Julio Cesar Arrona-Lara for his connection to a 2006 homicide, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. The warrant accuses Julio Arrona-Lara of beating “Rodríguez” on March 17, 2006, in which the victim later passed away from his injuries.

According to ICE, agents with the Fugitive Operations team received a request for collaboration and assistance from the Guanajuato, Mexico Attorney General’s office on July 24 regarding the apprehension and extradition of Joel Arrona-Lara.

The arrest of Joel Arrona-Lara was justified and makes the United States a safer place. ICE did nothing wrong and did not deserve to be vilified by the media in the manner in which they were.

On Tuesday, ICE agents arrested Jakiw Palij, the last known Nazi concentration camp guard living in the United States who was defying a 2004 deportation order. The arrest comes just six days after ICE arrested Mexican national, Joel Arrona-Lara, on an international murder warrant.

“It’s really a credit to President Trump, who was very clear about this case, made clear he wanted this individual out of the United States,” said Richard Grenell, the United States Ambassador to Germany. “It’s a great day for the United States to have this man out of our country,” Grenell added.

The Trump Administration’s Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, played a pivotal role in negotiating the return of Palij to Germany. Palij immigrated to the United States in 1949 and became a U.S. citizen in 1957 after concealing his Nazi background. Deporting Palij back to Germany was a difficult task due to the fact that he was not a German citizen therefore, he was considered stateless after a federal judge revoked Palij’s American citizenship in 2003. The same judge ordered his deportation in 2004. His attempt to appeal the deportation order was denied.

It appears that the successful negotiations hinged on a moral grounds versus any legal obligations on behalf of the German government.

“[Germany] has a moral obligation, not necessarily a legal one, because he worked in the name of then-German government,” Grenell told Fox News.

In 2003, Jakiw Palij admitted to the Department of Justice that he trained at a Nazi camp in German-occupied Poland, the SS Training Camp in the eastern Poland village of Trawniki. Numerous court documents showed that the men who trained at the Trawniki training camp were responsible for carrying out the Nazi regime’s plot to murder the Jewish population of Poland.

The now 95-year-old Nazi also served as an armed guard at the adjacent labor Trawniki Labor Camp. There, he played an “indispensable role” in the deaths of an estimated 6,000 Jews in one of the single largest massacres of the Holocaust in 1943, according to the White House’s statement. Click here to read the full statement.

“Through extensive negotiations, President Trump and his team have secured Palij’s deportation to Germany and advanced the United States’ collaborative efforts with a key European ally,” read the statement.

The State Department would alter issue an additional statement saying that Germany has readmitted Palij’s into their country. With regard to what will happen to Jakiw Palij in Germany, Ambassador Grenell said, “it’s in the hands of the Germans.”

A federal judge ordered the deportation of Jakiw Palij in 2004. The Bush Administration failed in negotiating the return on this war criminal to Germany, as did the Obama Administration. President Trump deserves immense credit for completing yet another issue that past administrations failed to address.

President Trump personally ordered that the deportation of Jakiw Palij be made a top priority of his administration and for deportation orders be carried out ASAP. The President’s personal involvement in the deportation of Palij strikes a death blow to those critics who use hyperbole in labeling Donald Trump a Nazi.

These deportations highlight the importance of ICE and their unrelenting dedication to keep the United States safe from international criminal aliens. If the Democratic Party was able to implement the platform they are currently advocating for, which includes the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), then these international criminals would still be on the loose in the United States.

ICE is responsible for far more than deportations and the Democrats’ desire to abolish them shows they care not for the rule of law, just votes. Regardless if those votes come from someone wanted on an international murder warrant or someone responsible for the extermination of 6,000 Polish Jews, to the Democratic Party, a vote is a vote.


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