On Wednesday, Michael Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, appeared on NBC’s Megyn Kelly Today in order to discuss the charges his client pleaded guilty to the prior day. At the end of the segment, Lanny Davis pleaded with viewers to donate money to Michael Cohen via a website that he set up in order to receive donations in Cohen’s name, www.MichaelCohenTruth.com.

But something very strange and unexpected happens when you attempt to view the webpage, www.MichaelCohenTruth.com. You get redirected to President Trump’s website, www.donaldjtrump.com.

Yes, it appears that President Trump scooped-up the domain name that Cohen’s lawyer referred to when appearing on Megyn Kelly’s show. Now THAT is taking trolling to new heights. Feel free to click the link above to get the full effect of the President’s epic troll.

The webpage Cohen’s attorney meant to refer to is a GoFundMe page that uses the phrase, “MichaelCohenTruthFund.” The actual website is:  https://www.gofundme.com/hqjupj-michael-cohen-truth-fund. Cohen’s attorney did not mention the words, “GoFundMe,” in the entire plea to viewers, nor did Megyn Kelly. Typing in the web address, MichaelCohenTruthFund.com, will direct one to the GoFundMe page C0hen’s attorney meant to refer to however, he did not give that web address in his Megyn Kelly appearance on Wednesday morning. Instead, he told people to view, MichaelCohenTruth.com, which is now owned by one, Donald J. Trump.

In essence, Lanny Davis, Michael Cohen’s attorney, directed people to make donations to the reelection campaign of the very person Cohen implicates in his guilty plea, President Donald J. Trump. You have to admit, that is truly hilarious.

But it seems that Cohen’s attempt at donations will be a fruitless venture, as Megyn Kelly’s audience exploded in laughter after Lanny Davis made his appeal to viewers. View the laughter here. Cohen’s lawyer begins his plea to viewers at 7 minutes and 30 seconds into the clip. After the laughter subsides, Lanny Davis excoriates the audience and suggests they don’t care about the truth.


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