Democrats might as well be yelling “HERETIC” as they point their finger towards President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. No evidence, no corroboration of facts. Just the accusation is enough for Democrats to call for Brett Kavanaugh to hang from the neck until dead, dead, dead.

Nothing, in reality, has changed. Brett Kavanaugh is still innocent because NOBODY has proven him to be guilty of ANYTHING however, Democrats don’t believe in the reality that the rest of America lives in.

While we rational Americans live in a world where anyone who stands accused is innocent until proven guilty, Democrats live in a world where anyone who stands accused is always guilty if it helps their party in the political arena. They care not for women or any of the other groups they fit all of us into as they play identity politics. They care about power and they have stated that emphatically. They have stated their willingness to go to any lengths to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from taking his rightful seat on the United States Supreme Court, and they are following through on that promise.

There have been two uncorroborated allegations that have been leveled against Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and number three is on the way. All of the witnesses cited by both known accusers say they do not recall any event akin to what the accusers have alleged. The witnesses cited by Christine Blasey Ford have submitted their own letters to the Judiciary Committee under the pains and penalties of perjury. In that, they claim not to recall the claims made by Mrs. Ford.

The allegation from Deborah Ramirez is filled with inconsistencies, as she admitted that she was initially unsure it was even Kavanaugh who committed the alleged assault. She came forward after being coached and guided by numerous democratic strategists. The New York Times refused to run her story due to their inability to corroborate a single detail after interviewing dozens of witnesses.

Every court in the United States would have already dismissed these baseless allegations. And yes, they are absolutely baseless. In order for an accusation to be held as “credible,” evidence must be produced in support of said allegations. That has not yet happened. In fact, the evidence introduced thus far supports Kavanaugh’s denials.

As of right now, all the evidence that has been cited supports Brett Kavanaugh’s account and contradicts the accusers’. Let me repeat that, all of the evidence that has been introduced by both accusers SUPPORTS Brett Kavanaugh’s account and contradicts theirs.

Has this fun fact deterred Democrats from calling for an end to Kavanaugh’s life? Of course not. That would deter their drive for power, which is all they care about.

The political division the “Resistance” has delivered to America has driven the United States to one of the lowest points of our discourse. The “Resistance” has come to a point in which they realize that equal justice under the law and the presumption of innocence is nothing more than an obstacle in their pursuit of political power.  They have decided to forgo these time honored customs of civilized behavior in order to destroy someone whom they view as harmful to their political ideology and overall party goals.

 “Political opposition… is given an inhumane overlay, which then justifies the abrogation of all normally applied customs of civilized behavior. A political policy is equated with moral right, and the opposition to it with diabolical malevolence.”

– Arthur Miller, The Crucible

We’ve already found out that democrats have no shame however, we are about to find out if republicans have no spine. Democrats will continue to rely on uncorroborated claims in order to oppose Kavanaugh because it’s all they have, and they have nothing to lose. They currently don’t hold any branch of Congress and believe they can only increase their power from this point.

Republicans need to do what is morally sound as it pertains to the United States Constitution and our judicial system, and confirm Judge Kavanaugh. Even if doing so threatens Republican hopes in the midterm elections, it’s worth it. At the very least we’ll have a Supreme Court that takes the United States Constitution into account when ruling on cases, which is what democrats fear the most.

Even if democrats win back the House of Representatives and attempt to impeach President Trump, the case could very well end up before the Supreme Court. It’s best if Kavanaugh is on the Court for that case, and every other, as opposed to having and uneven court that could end up in a deadlock.

The Constitution is the backbone of the conservative movement and the Supreme Court is often considered the most powerful branch of government, often times overruling the Executive Branch. To allow unprovable claims to deter the conservative movement from installing a Supreme Court that considers the Constitution before party politics is unforgivable and must not be allowed to happen. If Kavanaugh is taken down, the Republican Party will not only lose the House and the Senate but they will lose their opportunity to confirm a Constitutional conservative to the highest court in the land.


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