Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was involved in a minor car accident in New Jersey while in route to a fundraiser to support New Jersey Senator, Bob Menendez. According to video obtained by NTK Network, Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service vehicle was driving through a parking garage and began driving up a ramp prior to crashing into a concrete barrier and coming to an abrupt stop.

The video shows Hillary Clinton exiting the vehicle and walking around, seemingly unphased and uninjured by the accident. The video ends with Hillary Clinton in the distance, as she appears to be laughing off the unexpected fender bender.

This seems to be a warning sign for Hillary, a possible harbinger of some sort. After all, she was in route to a fundraiser for Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), who in 2015 was indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly hiring underage prostitutes while on trips to the Dominican Republic. In November of 2017, Menendez escaped conviction due to a hung jury on 18 counts of the indictment.

Which makes Hillary Clinton’s appearance at a Bob Menendez’s fundraiser rather rich, as she has branded herself a strong supporter of the #MeToo movement. Apparently, underage girls from the Dominican Republic don’t fit into the former Secretary of State’s idea of “#MeToo.”

As Hillary prepares for her nationwide speaking tour with her husband, President Bill Clinton, we can expect to see many, many more car wrecks, figuratively speaking of course. From bashing the victims found in her husband’s wake, to her poor handling of the Benghazi attack, to her endorsing incivility in American politics, she has handed us car wreck after car wreck, and she seems more than happy to continue on that path with an endorsement of Senator Menendez.

Buckle up folks, it’ll be a bumpy ride.


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