Last Thursday when questioning Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal asked the following:

Blumenthal: Good afternoon, Judge Kavanaugh. As a federal judge, you’re aware of the jury instruction falsus in – in unibus (sic), falsus in omnibus, are you not? You’re aware of that jury instruction?

Kavanaugh: Yes, I’m – I am.

Blumenthal: You know what it means?

Kavanaugh: You can translate it for me, Senator. You can do it better than I can.

Blumenthal: False in one thing, false in everything. Meaning in jury instructions that we – some of us as prosecutors have heard many times, is – told  the jury that they can disbelieve a witness of they find them to be false in one thing. So the core of why we’re here today really is credibility.

On Tuesday evening, Fox News obtained a written declaration from Dr. Ford’s longtime ex-boyfriend. In that, he contradicts Dr. Ford’s testimony under oath that she never helped anyone prepare for a polygraph test. The name of Dr. Ford’s ex-boyfriend was redacted in the documentation that Fox News obtained.

Dr. Ford’s former boyfriend also stated that she never mentioned Brett Kavanaugh nor did she disclose that she was the victim of sexual assault during the entire time they were dating, roughly between 1992 and 1998.

In his declaration, Dr. Ford’s ex-boyfriend stated that he saw her taking extensive measures in order to coach her friend, Monica L. McLean, in passing a polygraph test. According to Ford’s ex-boyfriend, McLean was interviewing for jobs with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. He goes on to state, “Dr. Ford explained in detail what to expect, how polygraphs worked and helped McLean become familiar and less nervous about the test. Dr. Ford was able to help because of her background in psychology.”

Ford’s ex-boyfriend also goes onto to detail their air travel together, including in Hawaii on a propeller plane which are known for experiencing much more turbulence than jet planes. Ford’s former boyfriend declared that “Dr. Ford never indicated a fear of flying. To the best of my recollection Dr. Ford never expressed a fear of closed quarters, tight spaces, or places with only one exit.”

He stated that he tried to maintain a long distance relationship however, he broke it off after he “discovered that Dr. Ford was unfaithful while living in Hawaii.”

“After the breakup, I took her off the credit card we shared,” he wrote. “But nearly 1 year later, I noticed Dr. Ford had been charging the card, and charged about $600 worth of merchandise. When confronted, Dr. Ford said she did not use the card, but later admitted to the use after I threatened to involve fraud prevention,” he declared.

“I do not want to become involved in this process or current investigation, but wanted to be truthful about what I know,” he wrote in closing.

We already knew that Dr. Ford lied about her fear of flying, as illustrated by her numerous flights following the alleged incident. It also appears that Dr. Ford did not notify any of the airlines she flew with about her fear of flying, as many of those who are diagnosed with a fear of flying are advised to do so. Dr. Ford initially stated she was unable to fly to Washington D.C. to give her testimony due to her fear of flying as a result of the alleged incident however, flight records revealed she had flown across the country, from California to Delaware, just weeks before being invited to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In the 35 years that have passed since this alleged incident, which according to Dr. Ford’s testimony caused her to have a “fear of flying,” she has flown to Hawaii, Costa Rica, the South Pacific Islands, and French Polynesia. She has also flown from California to Delaware every single year, as she stated before the Judiciary Committee under pains and penalties of perjury.

If one uses the same standard that Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal used with Supreme Court Justice Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, then Dr. Ford has no more credibility. In fact, according to Senator Blumenthal’s logic, Ford was drained of all credibility once it was established that she lied about her fear of flying. Blumenthal cannot credibly apply one standard to the accused while refusing to allow the same standard to be applied to the accuser.

Like Senator Blumenthal said in his line of questioning with Judge Kavanaugh, “False in one thing, false in everything.” Has Ford lied about everything? We cannot be sure of that however, according to Blumenthal’s logic in questioning Kavanaugh, she can no longer be held as credible.

The preponderance of the evidence strongly stands in Judge Kavanaugh’s corner. Every witness offered by Dr. Ford has corroborated Judge Kavanaugh’s account over hers, including her best friend in high school. Now, Dr. Ford’s former longtime boyfriend has accused her of lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding her familiarity with polygraph tests.

Without corroborating evidence, one must air on the presumption of innocence over emotional testimony. Yes, she gave an impassioned testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, as did Judge Kavanaugh. The two testimonies have, in essence, canceled each other out. Which leaves us with witness statements, none of which corroborate Dr. Ford’s account and all of which heavily support Judge Kavanaugh’s account.

The simple fact that all of the witnesses Dr. Ford named do not recall the alleged incidence ever taking place corroborates Judge Kavanaugh’s account that it never happened. After all, how can one remember an incident if it never took place?

But Democrats will continue to ignore the vast amount of evidence that supports Judge Kavanaugh’s account because this has nothing to do with getting to the truth. It has everything to do with political calculations and preventing a well-qualified jurist from taking a seat on the Supreme Court because he was nominated by President Trump. And Democrats seem completely content with destroying the lives of Brett Kavanaugh and his entire family in their pursuit of power.

Do not let their cries of, “this is not a criminal trial,” confuse you. If Kavanaugh is not confirmed, he will be deemed guilty in the court of public opinion and the rest of his life will reflect that verdict. Often times, the public reaction to someone who has been deemed a “sexual predator” can cause much more damage in that person’s life than any prison sentence ever could.

Whether or not Kavanaugh is confirmed to the United States Supreme Court will ultimately act as the deciding factor in his guilt or innocence in the public record. Some Americans will forever think of Judge Kavanaugh as guilty and nothing will ever change their mind since their outrage is primarily driven by a specific political outcome. However, rational Americans who air on the presumption of innocence still have the opportunity to use common sense and logic in to reaching their conclusions. The recently abrogated norms of American society, such as the presumption of innocence, depend on the public reaching a logical conclusion as it pertains to Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. If this political hit job from Democrats yields them a favorable outcome, we can expect the Supreme Court confirmation process to follow a similar pattern going forward. God save the USA…


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