Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) held a campaign event on Sunday evening in which was to discuss the platform that, according to RealClear Politics, has delivered her 6.5 point lead over her Democrat opponent, former Governor of Tennessee Phil Bredsen.

As Representative Blackburn took to the stage, agitated protestors began uncivil protests in order to disrupt the event. Each and every time members of the mob would begin to disrupt, Blackburn supporters would chant, “USA, USA, USA…”

Then came the moment when all Americans, regardless of political proclivities, should unite, as Rep. Blackburn announced a moment of silence for the victims of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg, PA.

“Marsha Blackburn is a white supremacist,” yelled one member of the mob. As police rushed to remove the agitators, they responded by yelling, punching and kicking.

“I have never in my life heard of people interrupting a moment of silence so they can have a protest,” Blackburn said to WTVF. “I think that’s despicable.”

Rep. Blackburn issued a statement in which she condemned the agitators and thanked police officers for removing the angry agitators.

“This Sunday afternoon, the liberal angry mob made it clear they are active in Tennessee and will stop at nothing to disrupt civil political discourse,” wrote Blackburn. “I’m grateful to the law enforcement officers who were here today and kept everyone safe. The protestors at today’s event were absolutely appalling.”

“They yelled ‘Impeach Trump.’ They kicked. They punched. They resisted law enforcement, and they disrupted a moment of silence for the victims in Pittsburg,” Blackburn wrote. “Never in my life have I heard of people interrupting a moment of silence. Phil Bredsen is their leader, and their behavior is despicable.”

Following the event, Phil Bredsen’s campaign released a statement condemning the agitators and adding that it’s “time to turn down the partisan rhetoric.”

“This is happening from both sides — it is a shame that people disrupted Congresswoman Blackburn’s event and it is a shame that Congresswoman Blackburn’s campaign staffers have been proudly screaming at 37 of Governor Bredesen’s events.”

It is true that protestors show up to each candidate’s campaign events however, there has not been a single instance in which conservative protestors disrespected a moment of silence meant to honor those who have passed away. The level of vitriol being leveled by left-wing mobs far exceeds anything conservative protestors take part in. And please do not bring up Charlottsville, for those individuals are constantly and immediately condemned by the political right. The same cannot be said for the political left.

The individuals who carried out this mob-style attack on a moment of silence were representing Black Lives Matter. Phil Bredsen did not condemn that group in any way. Instead, he deflected by erroneously insinuating that “this type of behavior is taking place on both sides.”

Bredsen did not mention BLM in his condemnation statement, and that is no mistake. Bredsen parsed the individuals from the group Black Lives Matter (BLM) so they go on to cause chaos at the next event, possibly using different a cast of characters but the goal remains.

Conservatives don’t play that game. If a group claiming to be conservative is responsible for political violence, they are roundly condemned by the very political movement they claim to be a part of. We deliberately aim to demoralize those groups so they no longer attempt to represent the conservative movement, in any capacity.

Conservatives go so far as to say that the group of people representative of the violence in Charlottsville are not true conservatives, regardless of whether or not they “identify” as such. Because a true conservative is not a racist and will never accept racism as a rational mindset. This is one of the many reasons why we vote for the party of Lincoln as opposed to the party which fought for slavery.

The same cannot be said for the political left, as they openly incite their followers to form groups to confront Republicans while refusing to condemn Hollywood actors who literally claim they wish to “blow up the White House.”

Uncivil political discourse and political violence is disgusting, regardless of which side of the aisle it comes from. But there is a double standard on how they are reported when the perpetrator supports a political ideology, and it heavily favors Democrats.

Just today, there was a great example of how lopsided the coverage is when it comes to political violence perpetrated on Republicans as opposed to Democrats.

On Monday morning, The Hill reported that a GOP campaign office in South Daytona, Florida was shot at numerous times. There were no reported injuries, as the shooting took place while the office was unoccupied.

If this had happened to a Democrat’s campaign office it would have been the leading story on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, and probably Fox News too. But since it happened to a Republican campaign office, none of the mainstream media networks have made mention of it nor have they even published a 500 word rundown on the shooting. It’s as if it never happened, which is precisely what the media wants the American people to believe. Some in the media aim to minimize political violence perpetrated on Republicans since the midterm elections are up and coming, and they view this as a viable tactic to chisel away at GOP support.

You see, in their minds the Democratic Party has the market cornered on victimhood and it would be considered sacrilegious to portray any Republican in a similar light, especially on the heels of a midterm election. They think that they are capable of making people believe that Donald Trump has some responsibility in the political violence that takes place though, they are unable to draw an adequate correlation between the two. They are reaching, stretching and contorting themselves in pretzels to blame the President just moments after they claim they are not blaming the President.

At some point, the media needs to review their own footage, take their own advice and stop trying to blame the President for actions that are out of his control. Not a single member of the media has demanded an apology from Bernie Sanders for fomenting the environment which compelled a Bernie Bro to shoot Republican Steve Scalise, a sitting member of the United States House of Representatives who serves as the Republican Whip. The crazed Bernie Bro was ranting about healthcare when he was taking his shots at unarmed Republicans. I do recall Bernie Sanders ranting about healthcare an awful lot during the 2016 election season. So where are the calls for Bernie to take some responsibility for that despicable act of attempted mass murder on some of the nation’s top officeholders?

There are no calls for Bernie Sanders to apologize and take responsibility nor should there be, regardless of that fact that his crazed supporter was yelling out healthcare talking points straight from the Sanders Campaign while trying to commit mass murder.

There is no rhyme or reason as to why crazy people do the things they do. Crazy people do crazy things and often times their insanity isn’t recognized until it’s too late. Some crazy people will take up arms and shoot others for reasons that are rather benign to the rest of us, others will disrupt the moment of silence meant to honor those innocent souls. We all choose our own paths and we are only responsible for the actions we personally take. Let’s hope the political left will pursue a more civil path than they have thus far while the political right continues to call out political violence in the same straight forward manner they always have.

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