As the supposed “blue wave” was building, numerous media personalities and pundits were claiming that the midterm elections were a “referendum” on President Trump and the actions of his Administration. Articles stating as much were running on the morning of the election however, now that the midterms have passed there is no more discussion on this recently held “referendum” on President Trump.

Every mainstream media outlet published stories about the midterm elections being a “referendum” on the Trump Administration. MSNBC, The New Yorker, CNN, ABC News, the BBC, Time Magazine, NBC News, and The Hill all published articles pertaining to the midterm elections being a referendum on President Trump. Now that the elections have passed and the “referendum” has been ratified, crickets…

Why? Why have they stopped talking about this ‘referendum” on the President? Where are the follow-up articles announcing that the electorate “ratified” President Trump’s job performance through increasing Republican power in the Senate? Where are the articles illustrating the short-comings of Democrats in the midterm elections being a vote of approval for President Trump, as they were predicted to take upwards of around 40 seats in the House of Representatives?

The answer is quite simple. Since the electorate voted in approval of the President’s job performance, ultimately ratifying the referendum on Trump, they no longer want to illustrate how the electorate voted. They no longer want the midterm elections to be thought of as a “referendum” since the electorate voted in approval of Trump and every candidate the President endorsed.

The mainstream media doesn’t want to skew their negative narrative on President Trump with the reality of the electorate’s approval. We know this to be true because the mainstream media has been more than 90% negative when reporting on the Trump Administration, as researched by Harvard University, while ignoring the immense economic gains he has brought to the entire country.

Here is how we KNOW the electorate voted in approval of President Trump’s job performance, and has been since his inauguration: since Donald Trump took office, every significant Republican critic of the President has either stepped down, lost to a pro-Trump candidate in a primary, or otherwise failed to win reelection.

Couple this fact with how every Democrat Senator from a state that Trump won in 2016 who voted against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court were ultimately voted out of office and replaced with a pro-Trump Republican.

Republicans had 43 seats to defend in which an incumbent was not appearing on the ballot, meaning the seat was “open.” The Republican Party had more than twice as many “open” seats to defend in the House of Representatives than their Democrat counterparts. In the Senate, Republicans had another three “open” seats to defend.

Democrats were only able to pick up a few of these “open” seats and in many of the contests, a pro-Trump Republican won the election. Historically speaking, the average loss for a party’s inaugural midterm is in the neighborhood of 41 seats, meaning the Republican Party should have lost nearly 41 seats in this midterm election. Democrats ended up taking only 29 seats in the House, which means they were barely able to garner enough support to secure the majority.

The short-comings of Democrats in this midterm election shows that there is no nationwide rebuke of President Trump conversely, there seems to be widespread approval. In fact there seems to have been a much larger rebuke on both, President Obama and President Clinton, as the two of them accounted for far more losses in their first midterm election as President than Donald Trump did.

But one would never realize this by strictly watching the mainstream media, as they pretend that the country is fed-up with Donald Trump while ignoring the results of a “referendum” they declared so loudly every single night leading up to the midterm elections. They got an answer however, it was not the answer they have been trying so hard to foment into the electorate since Donald Trump won in 2016.

Again, the mainstream media finds themselves to be their own worst enemy. Journalists and reporters essentially positioned themselves as political pundits who made brazen predictions prior to the midterm elections and refuse to stand by those predictions after the midterm results proved them to be wanting. They have traded in their desire to be found credible with a desire to be found by followers on Twitter.

Sure, Democrats have re-taken the House of Representatives but their crazy has already started showing, and they haven’t even been sworn in yet. Surely, we can expect Democrats to squander their newfound power as they prepare a politically motivated “subpoena cannon” that will surely divide the country further while ignoring any and every opportunity they have to legislate.

Fearing a second term of President Trump, don’t be surprised if members of the mainstream media starts suggesting that the 2020 Presidential Election will NOT be a referendum on President Trump. After the past two years, would any objective observer be surprised if they did? Because at this point, you really can’t put it past them.


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