In the Naomi Season Finale, a former Darkseid actor gets a new DC role.

In the Naomi season 1 finale, Ray Porter, who played the monstrous Darkseid in Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut, joins the DC TV realm as another DC baddie. The CW has served as a platform for Warner Bros.’ DC characters for nearly a decade, culminating in the launch of the Arrowverse in 2012. Following the premiere of Arrow, The CW has wasted no time in bringing another DC TV show to life. The CW has decided to bring Naomi McDuffie to screens in her own standalone series from executive producer Ava DuVernay for the 2021-2022 television season.

Naomi is a heavy Multiverse-focused series, despite not being anchored in the Arrowverse per se, leaving the door open for crossovers down the road. Naomi season 1 follows the title heroine as she discovers her true origins as well as her superpowers. This was The CW’s first DC property to centre on a character that had just recently joined the DC Universe, when Naomi McDuffie debuted in 2019. Naomi season 1 ran for 13 episodes, similar to shows like Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman, and ended this week. The Naomi season 1 finale, however, included a pleasant surprise, especially for fans of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Naomi Season 2: Everything We Know

Porter, who played the renowned DC Comics villain Darkseid in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, made his way into the DC TV universe via Naomi. Porter made his arrival in the DC drama as the comic book villain Brutus, who has been a great mystery throughout the season, before to the Naomi season 1 finale. Check out the video of Porter facing off against Naomi, played by Kaci Walfall.

Throughout Naomi’s first season, a mysterious player named Brutus pursued the adolescent, despite the fact that Earth-29 was not his home universe. Brutus, who debuted in Justice League vol 4, #59 in 2021, hailed from the same world as Naomi in the Naomi comics. Brutus and Naomi finally met in the Naomi season 1 finale after he had been looking for her for years. Darkseid’s actor from the Snyder Cut made an appearance in the Naomi season finale, although his fate is currently unclear. If Naomi is renewed for a second season, the writers may return to Brutus.

Given their mutual backing on social media, Porter boarding DuVernary’s DC project is a fun payoff. Many Justice League fans hoped Porter’s Darkseid would be the rendition the Selma director utilised in her DC film around the time DuVernary was developing the New Gods film for Warner Bros. Porter stated multiple times on Twitter that regardless of whether DuVernary wanted to use his Darkseid or not, he was always supportive of her work, no matter which direction New Gods would have taken. New Gods was ultimately cancelled by Warner Bros., but the Justice League star did have a chance to work with Naomi creator Naomi in a different manner.

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