Red Hood reveals his true feelings about Nightwing.

After a horrific nightmare presents Jason Todd as someone less than his coworkers, DC Comics uncovers what Red Hood really thinks about Dick Grayson.

This book has been centred on Red Hood aka Jason Todd as he leads a group of undead criminals dubbed Task Force Z, as shown in the opening pages of Task Force Z #7 by Matthew Rosenberg, Jack Herbert, and Daniel HDR. Members of Task Force Z have been taking a new medicine called Lazarus Resin, which helps keep Jason’s zombies alive and kicking just enough to allow him carry out his responsibilities without being devoured alive. It is discreetly managed by the Batman character Two-Face.

Red Hood Has Officially Attacked Nightwing’s Butt, Jason Todd

Jason has having a difficult time adjusting and performing the responsibilities at hand as he attempts to corral his crew after being betrayed by one of their own. Given a dose of Lazarus Resin without his knowledge, all of these considerations, as well as the fact that Jason is technically a man who has returned from the dead, weigh heavily on Red Hood’s mind, resulting in a nightmare that involves Nightwing (and Batgirl).

This nightmare, which shows readers Jason’s subconscious where he ruthlessly fights a slew of Batman rogues while costumed as Red Hood, feels odd in a way that isn’t clear until Nightwing and Batgirl come on the scene. Jason is pushed back into a junior role, clad in a way too small version of his previous Robin suit, signifying that when around these older Bat-Family members, he is in danger. He feels smaller and more out of place than he has in the past. Nightwing and Batgirl point out that Jason’s slaughter of these Batman villains is part of the problem, and it’s then, as the zombie-like decaying faces of his fellow vigilantes are shown, that Jason confesses how he actually sees Nightwing.

Nightwing (and Batgirl, for that matter) are the heroic ideals Jason believes he is failing to live up to, with “Nightmare Nightwing” also serving as a frightening and oppressive force in this dream, implying that Jason is not acting appropriately in his current capacity as a crimefighter. Furthermore, Jason’s reversion to Robin in the company of Nightwing is a great subconscious slip in this regard, explaining why Jason sees Dick in such a conflicted light because Jason has always resided in Dick’s shadow as the second, less-fondly remembered Robin. It’s then especially intriguing that in a guilt-based nightmare like this, Jason imagines Nightwing, not Batman, giving him a hard time. But what exactly does this imply? Is Jason’s fellow bat-sidekicks, particularly Nightwing, more commanding and/or dependable in his life than his surrogate father? Could Jason take Batman’s criticism but hear it more easily from his “brother” in arms? As Jason’s nightmare comes to a conclusion, the answers are a little hazy, but it’s still an intriguing approach to look at Red Hood’s relationship with Nightwing and how he sees him as a person.

In actual life, Red Hood and Nightwing get along better than this nightmare portrays, but their stormy relationship is still a work in progress. Even if Red Hood sees Nightwing as the antagonist at times, at least his difficulties are mostly in his brain.

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