‘SPOILER’ is the Justice League’s Hidden Traitor (& His Death Proves It)

Following the epic “Death of the Justice League” story, the Justice League has suffered some significant losses, but there may be more to one hero’s death than meets the eye. A long-serving Leaguer’s fate echoes an incident from another world, maybe hinting at a devastating betrayal on the horizon.

For months, fans have known that the Justice League would die, and now fans have seen heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman killed in action by Josh Williamson, Rafa Sandoval, Jordie Tarragona, Matt Herms, and Josh Reed in Justice League #75. Green Arrow joins the heroes when they are summoned by Justice League Incarnate to confront Pariah and his partnership with the Great Darkness. While the combined strength of both Leagues battles evil forces, it appears that Green Arrow may be able to help reverse the tide with a few trick arrows. Unfortunately, Oliver Queen has a bad encounter with Doomsday, and he appears to die in the arms of his beloved Black Canary.

In a new line of ‘Dark Crisis’ comics, the death of the Justice League is expanded.

Arrow, on the other hand, isn’t seen perishing like his friends, therefore there’s a chance he lived. But if he did, he might end himself down the same dark path that was explored in one of DC’s deadliest realms. Alan Davis and Mark Farmer’s JLA: The Nail shows a DC Universe in which Superman’s parents, the Kents, never discovered him. leading to a world without the Man of Steel’s upbeat presence. A number of heroes experience tragedies after tragedies, including Green Arrow, who is permanently injured in a confrontation with Amazo. Oliver becomes a bitter shell of himself after his battle with Amazo, hating the League and propagating baseless conspiracy theories about them.

It might not be fair to judge Oliver based on a future that doesn’t take place on Prime Earth, especially since it’s unclear whether he survived Doomsday’s onslaught. Future State: Justice League #1 by Joshua Williamson and Robson Rocha, on the other hand, provided a quick view into the superhero team’s future. Apparently, one of the League’s members will betray their comrades by revealing the team’s secrets to the world, forever breaking the team. Unfortunately, Oliver may be the most likely suspect if one of the Leaguers chooses a more dangerous path.

The DC Universe is through a time of significant upheaval, which frequently results in dramatic character alterations. What could be more dramatic than the League resurrecting only to be stabbed in the back by one of their own members? Although JLA: The Nail does not take place in the canonical continuity, it does imply that a catastrophic injury is sufficient to force Green Arrow to turn against his friends. It’s a tragic Catch-22 for the heroes, because if Oliver is dead, he may not be as easily resurrected as his teammates. However, if Green Arrow survives, he may be able to exact ultimate vengeance on the Justice League.

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