A mother whose daughter requires special baby formula speaks out about the scarcity.

Since February, the baby formula scarcity in the United States has risen dramatically, affecting numerous families in multiple states, particularly those who rely on special formula for their babies and toddlers.

Kayzie Weedman, a 30-year-old mother of two, decided to share her story in a TikTok video that has already received over 1.4 million views.

Weedman, an interior designer, told “Good Morning America” on Monday that a formula shortage began at the end of last year and has only gotten worse in the following six months.

“In December of 2021, we noticed the shelves weren’t as stocked as they typically were. And then it became worse and worse every month after that “Weedman explained. “Probably in the last two months, the shelves have been naked, empty, and nothing left, and maybe in the last three weeks, it’s been absolutely empty every time I go. There’s no such thing. There’s not much on the shelves except distilled water.”

Palmer, Weedman’s 5-month-old daughter, is on a special baby formula that doesn’t contain cow’s milk protein. Her formula is from Abbott Nutrition’s Similac Alimentum hypoallergenic formula brand.

“She was on a formula that had the milk protein in it and she had a response, and that is what drove the physicians to have me get her tested,” Weedman said of her youngest child’s cow’s milk protein allergy, or CMPA.

According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, when a child develops a milk protein allergy, their body treats the protein as a foreign invader, resulting in a variety of symptoms ranging from trouble breathing to rashes, nausea, diarrhoea, and even life-threatening anaphylaxis.

“When she suffers reactions, she first develops a severe rash. It’s a severe kind of eczema where she gets boils on her face that grow into scabs. She starts to cough. She has a problem using the restroom. So when she has that milk protein, a lot of things happen “Weedman clarified.

“We don’t have the option of keeping any alternative formula on hand. So we won’t be able to just grab whatever is left on the shelf “she went on. “Either her prescription formula or the hypoallergenic formula is required.”

In February, Abbott, the nation’s largest producer of baby formula, withdrew several Alimentum products after two people died from bacterial infections linked to the company’s Sturgis, Michigan, manufacturing plant. The pandemic-related recall and ongoing supply chain concerns have significantly reduced the supply of baby formulae, particularly nutrient-enriched, hydrolyzed, and hypoallergenic formulas.

Abbott and the Food and Drug Administration said Monday evening that they had reached an agreement on a plan to restart the Sturgis facility, with Abbott estimating that production will resume in two weeks. New formula items, on the other hand, will take six to eight weeks to reach shop shelves.

Weedman and other parents, on the other hand, have been unable to wait weeks for new formula to be supplied.

Weedman claims that her daughter Palmer requires five bottles of Alimentum formula each day, and that one can of Alimentum lasts around a week.

The formula scarcity has made the Michigan mom angry, disappointed, unhappy, and worried for other parents, she said. She considers herself one of the fortunate mothers who can ask for and receive aid via social media. Weedman claims she has enough supplies for Palmer for the next three months and is striving to help other parents and children in need.

“I’ve been able to enable formula exchange for a lot of women,” Weedman said on “GMA.” “‘This formula didn’t work for me,’ other mothers will say. ‘Could you reach out to your followers and see if they’d be interested?’ So I’ve sent a lot of formula to other moms so that we can all assist each other out since that’s really all we can do.”

Weedman advised parents who were having trouble finding formula to ask as many individuals as possible.

Weedman advised, “Reach out to your friends and family, anyone who is not in your city.” “Have them look for your can, and if they do, pick up one, pick up two, we don’t need to pick up ten, but just help other moms, and if you know someone who’s formula feeding, see what can they have, pick it up if you can, and we all have to support each other.”

“Social media can be a frightening but fascinating environment. I’m thankful for social media because it helped me get the cans I needed so my daughter wouldn’t go hungry “Weedman continued.

Abbott said it may be able to release formula to you if your child has an urgent health requirement that necessitates a specialised formula. Parents can begin the process on Abbott’s website, www.abbottnutrition.com/metabolics, with the help of their health care practitioner.

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