Despite recent shootings, the crime rate on New York City’s subways remains stable.

Daniel Enriquez, 48, was slain in an unprovoked attack on a Q train heading into Manhattan in New York City on Sunday. The incident occurs just weeks after a shooter opened fire on a N train subway vehicle during rush hour, killing ten people and wounding dozens more.

The city is searching for answers after a recent rash of crimes on the city’s public transportation system, as usage continues to increase back to pre-pandemic levels and more people return to commuting with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

According to New York Police Department data, transit crime is up 58 percent from this time last year, albeit there was a drop in offences on public transportation in April.

In comparison to 2020, crime has increased by only approximately 1%. However, with the exception of 2021, the amount of transit crime in New York City has stayed constant since 2006.

According to NYPD data, crime has increased in the city during the first two years of the epidemic, when the city began to shut down; it’s up 40% from 2021 and 37% from 2020.

According to local figures, crime is down 72 percent from 1993 when compared to the 1980s and 1990s.

“[Enriquez’s death] just reinvigorated our cries to address the proliferation of firearms on our street,” Mayor Eric Adams said in a press conference on Monday. “Even after the bullet takes the life of an innocent person, the emotional anguish continues to shred apart the anatomy of our community.”

Following the death of subway rider Michelle Go in January, Adams committed to solve public safety issues. After being shoved in front of an incoming train, she was killed.

Adams said the attack emphasises the necessity of persons in crisis obtaining mental health care to guarantee that the city’s streets “above ground and below ground” are secure during a press conference following Go’s death.

In January, he declared that he would deploy extra police officers, as well as mental health personnel, to the subway systems, and that he would severely enforce MTA laws, such as fare enforcement.

At a press conference on Jan. 18, Adams said, “[We’ll] really really double down on our concerns that our system must be secure, must be safe from actual crime, which we will do, and it must be safe from individuals who feel like there’s a tremendous amount of disorder in our subway system.”

According to local daily AMNY, at least 1,000 cops were recruited to the subway’s police force in an attempt to tackle crime shortly after the announcement.

Adams has recently included mental health and community building to his list of crime-prevention strategies. He also stated that he aims to make gun violence and ghost firearms a priority in the city’s anti-violence efforts.

“We’ve already failed as a city by the time someone carries a gun and discharges a pistol,” Adams said at a May 20 conference, arguing for more community-based programmes. “We need everyone on board because we need to prevent and apprehend the crimes that are occurring in the city.”

MTA CEO Janno Lieber described Sunday’s tragic shooting as a “awful setback” in the city’s efforts to return to normal after the epidemic reduced ridership.

Despite this, the MTA’s ridership appears unfazed by allegations of criminality, as ridership levels continue to set pandemic-era records, with the highest totals since March 2020.

“This week, New York reached a transit ridership milestone, one of the most promising evidence that our COVID recovery is on track,” said New York Governor Kathy Hochul in a statement on the records. “New York’s public transit systems are its lifeblood, and we’ll keep doing everything we can to entice riders back, assisting in our economic recovery.”

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Despite recent shootings, the crime rate on New York City’s subways remains stable.

Daniel Enriquez, 48, was slain in an unprovoked attack on a Q train heading into Manhattan in New York City on Sunday. The incident...

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